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"I can’t think of any more human activity than conducting science experiments. Think about it — what do kids do? They’re turning over rocks, they’re plucking petals off a rose — they’re exploring their environment through experimentation. That’s what we do as human beings... every child is a scientist. And so when I think of science, I think of a truly human activity — something fundamental to our DNA, something that drives curiosity." -Neil deGrasse Tyson


You know what they say about those who cannot remember the past. So let's keep it alive, learn from its lessons, and live more harmoniously with each other. Our JT Vintage collection contains a great many reminders of both the good and the bad of decades and centuries gone by. Take a look at just a small selection, and get ready to have our past inform your future.


Glasshouse is thrilled to announce the release of this innovative new collection. Come Alive is something special: creative and edgy animated GIFs, cinemagraphs, 3D stereo images and moving illustrations. The eclectic roster of artists behind this ever-growing library are producing unique and distinctive motion content, and you can find these exciting new visuals here.

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